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Aphrodope is one of the world's most exciting and enticing liqueurs created from a unique blend of exotic and rare herbs, distilled into a highly 'spirited' elixir.

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What is Aphrodope?

Aphrodope Elixir is a potent and all natural Herbal Liqueur at 35% Alc/Vol., which is based on 100% pure Australian grain spirit.

The secret of this liqueur lies in its unique and complex method of preserving and extracting valuable natural qualities and aromas of 18 diverse and rare plants.

Many call it simply... Love in a Bottle!... You have to experience it to appreciate and understand this gift of Nature! It tastes like... Love.

Based on an ancient "L'Amour" recipe discovered by Dr Zeltser in 1981 and almost three decades of research and tests, it delivers unforgettable complex bouquet of fragrant herbs, berries and seeds, followed by citrus undertones and silky feel in the mouth.

Its logo depicts 'ancient lovers', who perhaps thousands of years ago enjoyed it on special occasions.

Tasting notes

How to use it?

Enjoy Aphrodope as a slow sipping drink on ice or as a neat shot.

A shot of Aphrodope turns any Champagne or sparkling wine into a brilliant creation! It adds a new dimension when mixed with other spirits, soft beverages, coffee, or fruit juices. Acts as a 'naughty ingredient' in sauces, marinades, and desserts.